What Is Ostomy?

The word ostomy means mouth or an opening and is usually used to describe an artificial bodyopening. It's either the intestine or the urine passageways that is being led out to the surface of your skin.

If you got IBD and you need a surgery, you might also need a ostomy. You then get a small bag on your stomach area. If you had surgery on the large intestine, it's called colostomy. This kind of surgery is most often used on people with ulcerative colitis, which is one of the disease under the IBD-term. If you got ulcerative colitis, the inflammation is only in the large intestine. But you might need a colostomy if you got crohns disease too, because the inflammation can be in the large intestine, in the small intestine or in other parts of you digestion-system. Crohns disease is also one of the diseases under the IBD-term.

If you had surgery on the small intestine, it's called ileostomy. If you got crohns disease, this is also a surgery you might need at one point. If you have problems with your bladder, you might need what's called urostomy to make a artificial urine passageway.

A small bag on the stomach is necessary to gather stools, or urine. It depends on which surgery you had. The bag is fasten with glue on the skin, and you have to change it regulary by yourself. The consistent on the stool is different from colostomy to ileostomy. It's more compact with colostomy, and more liquid-like with ileostomy.

After a surgery like this, you get help and guidence on how to deal with all the new equipment you've got. This is ususally being done by someone at the hospital. It's very important that all the equipment is being placed right and tight, to avoid wounds, smell, leaks and so on. But the equipment you'll get today, is very skin-friendly. It's also different styles on the bags. Some you can empty by yourself, others you can't. You can also get some bags that got a smellfilter.

The life after being thru a surgery like this, and after getting a bag on your stomach might be hard at the beginning, and it might take a while before you accept it. But still, you can live like you did before the surgery with a bag on your stomach, and you can do things like you did before.

I've not had a surgery for myself yet, and I have no ostomy, so all the information given here, is information that I've read other places on the internet. I've also read that many people are able to live just like before they had surgery with a bag on their stomach. If you want to read more about surgery for crohns disease, click here...

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